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We are the writing collective at the Urban Institute For Contemporary Arts, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We've been at it for over 10 years, and are one of the most published groups in the state.

Our member's output is greatly varied - genre & literary fiction, poetry, non-fiction of all stripes, essays, children's books, playwrights and script-writers in just about every genre imaginable.

Haunted - Dawn Schout

Restless spirits are not always ghosts - sometimes they're numbered among the living.

by Dawn Schout

     For two nights
     he hasn’t slept. Wind hisses.
     The moon, a black cat’s eye
     in the darkness,
     peeks at him through the blinds
     of gnarled branches.
     He rests his eyes on the mysterious
     glow: bloodshot,
     curves like a ghost,
     slight enough to make him second
     guess they’re there.

     He shuffles to move,
     body heavy, head light, as if sliced
     off by a guillotine
     but still unwilling to let go
     as long as there’s a trace of light.
     He looks only through fog.
     Tissue paper clouds run
     off with stars.

About The Author:
Dawn Schout has written over 1,000 poems and is working on her first book. Her poetry has appeared in Fogged Clarity, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Lucidity Poetry Journal, and Tipton Poetry Journal. She has a B.A. in creative writing and works in marketing.

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